Impact Women

Are you a woman social entrepreneur?

Ogunte provides coaching for Impact Women in Social Enterprises and Changemakers

Since 2001, Ogunte enables Women in Social Enterprises* – or “Impact Women” – to learn, lead and connect.

We do so by facilitating the creation of a focused, clear, and relevant message, the procurement of key resources, the reporting on impact & progress, and their leadership development.

After many coaching sessions, incubation and award programmes, we hear about the issues women experience at work but also personally.

Some of the challenges women in social enterprises often face:
Sounds familiar?

When you start a journey with Ogunte, you get support to:

  • Develop sustainable relationships with your team and stakeholders.
  • Develop a strategy to grow your social venture
  • Learn to pivot and grow relevant networks (mapping stakeholders in funding, strategy, technology, potential mentors, partners etc.)
  • Create learning opportunities for yourself and your stakeholders
  • Plan for positive and sustainable change and take collective action
  • Reflect on your own practice and role, as a social leader, and as an individual with multiple life constraints

*We work with women who have already set-up their business.

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***You are a social entrepreneur at start-up (3years+) or growth stage. You want to develop and grow your own social enterprise and collaborate with others. Tell us what you want to learn by completing this very quick survey here.***

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*Positive outcome implies a responsive and pro-active attitude towards formal and informal learning, being open to connect to relevant stakeholders and resources.

** To be hosted on our (Formerly Buzzbnk) partner page, you need to have been part of the Make a Wave Incubator programme, or have taken up coaching, or attended or commissioned training/facilitation programmes.

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