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Make a Wave is a unique Specialist Growth Readiness Programme for Women in Social Enterprises.
Through bold insights and a wealth of resources, Make a Wave helps participants to be better equipped and more confident to develop business skills, present projects to funders, angels, or investment panels, and communicate their business or NGO better to specific audiences.


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Read: How to start designing your brand identity? (Blog) Olivia Knight – CEO PatchworkPresent
Action: Social Impact Measurement: Have a go at the Theory of Change Model


Action: How well do you know yourself? (Includes quizz – great before your form a team)
Watch: Derek SIVERS – “How to start a movement” (Video)
Quizz: What is your leadership style ?

Planning and Budgeting

Action: How to do a Simple Cash-Flow Forecast (Video)
Read: 15 budget and cash-flow mistakes I promise I won’t make
Action: 4 steps to prepare for your business plan
Read: Business model canvas –and Social Business model YOU! Learning from Bootcamp.


Action:3 Practical Pitching Tips
Action: Get funded!

Read: Suzanne Biegel: What Angels might expect from you
Read: A few tips in introduction to crowdfunding, by Theresa Burton CEO Fundit (Formerly Buzzbnk)
Read: How to put yourself in the shoes of an investor! blog by Make a Wave Manchester Fellows.

Governance and Decision-Making

Read: Suzanne Biegel: How to structure your board
Read: Bonnie Foley-Wong: How Activist Angels show an integrated approach to decision-making.
Read: Susan Aktemel: Never separate ideas from spreadsheets!

Read: New Opportunity for your SocEnt? Try this CrashTest Dummy!

Building relationships

Read: Ida Beerhalter: How to effectively build relationships with team & main stakeholders.

Read: “Don’t Wait to turnover £1m to start nurturing relationships”
Feedback Social Business Trust with CEO Adele Blakebrough

Read: “Drop the “We are a Social Enterprise” from the pitch”
Feedback ASTIA EUROPE with board member Sarah Ryan

Read “Impact Investors should be able to deal with growing pains and hurdles”

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