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Jennifer Sertl | Awareness is not enough

I remember when Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat came out in 1995. Like a lightening bolt the work hit...
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Olha, amigas empreendedores sociais no Brasil! Coloca-se no mapa mundial!
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Watch “A Systems Story” on YouTube

Watch "A Systems Story" on YouTube“A Systems Story”
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8 Things to Remember about Lean Start Ups

Nonie M. C. White is a fellow of Make a Wave, the  OGUNTE Incubator for Women Social Entrepreneurs.  Nonie immersed...
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Design Scientist and Futurist Melissa Sterry is known as ’a champion of science and technology that serves to make the...
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Twelve financial management tips from Sarah Thelwall

contribution by Sarah Thelwall, founder, Sarah Thelwall, from the creative business benchmarking and accounting service, offers you 12...
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5 Things to Check Before You Buy Support

The Ogunte team has connected innovators with top leading companies and major campaigners in more than 20 countries and influenced hundreds...
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3 Practical Pitching Tips

This is a practical factsheet to help you go through your pitching rehearsal. With thanks to Jo McGrath from Enterprise Stuff...
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Women and Sustainable Development

by Servane Mouazan Enabling women to develop sustainable and socially impactful activities is at the heart of Oguntê’s mission. Yet,...
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WHY ARE WOMEN AGENTS OF CHANGE? What do you think is the role of women in creating positive change? Servane...
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Jennifer Sertl | Navigating Complexity

Hold on to your core… Our business strategist in residence, Jennifer Sertl, is a thought leader in the emerging field...
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5 Reasons why Coaching helps Social Innovators

Article Originally published in The Guardian by Servane Mouazan. Outcomes are not the only thing to focus on – building the...
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How well do you know yourself?

Knowing what drives you, what sucks your energy, how you see the world and manage information, proves useful when you...
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8 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself – #women #socent

From our conversations and research with women social entrepreneurs, most of them point at questions they wished someone had asked...
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How to find your top ultimate mentor…

Our last Impact Women meet-up offered us the opportunity to brainstorm about mentoring, its myths, its truths, and its variations. We...
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10 Ways to Overcome Impostor Syndrome, by Joyce Roche

Blog by Joyce Roche - Originally published here on the Shriver Report. “Many successful women suffer from impostor syndrome. Impostor syndrome is...
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Business Model Canvas, Business Model You!

During the Make a Wave Bootcamp in March, we all had a go at the Business Model Canvas. Here’s a few benefits we...
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Some budget and cash-flow mistakes I promise I won’t make

During the latest Make a Wave webinar on budgeting and fundraising, we have asked participants to share 5 top mistakes to avoid...
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Plan your Social Media Activities… with Becky @WhoMadeYour Pants!

If Social Media makes you run away, read these Social Media Tips kindly provided by Make a Wave Fellow Becky John,...
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