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How to reduce your budget…

If you’re struggling with a high fundraising target, try revisiting your project budget and seeing what you could save to...
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Don’t Spend, Invest!

Spending without consideration is a risky business.Investing instead can be a promise of returns. A much smarter risk.Be bold, don’t...
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Do You Support Women Social Entrepreneurs?

This year, the team at Ogunte will shed a light on women social entrepreneurs’ supporters: people in a fascinating ecosystem...
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VIDEO: Four women on a sofa: social enterprise chat show 2015

Look at the video with open and honest account of why these women social entrepreneurs started, what drives and sustains...
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A few tips for crowdfunding (Make a Wave Incubator Learning)

Check this crowdfunding tips and learning questions, based on Theresa Burton’s workshop during our Make a Wave Incubator Bootcamp for...
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Nicole Berg: an unreasonable woman

Ogunte: What waves are you making Nicole?Nicole Berg: George Bernard Shaw said: ‘The reasonable man adapts himself to the world;...
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Victoria VanBuskirk | Flowers for the Future

Victoria VanBuskirk is a twin sister, daughter, friend, peanut butter aficionado and co-founder of Flora Stationery. Flora Stationery is helping...
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The World Needs to Know

** We want to feature as many women social entrepreneurs as possible (#1MillionImpactWomen !) and let the world know about...
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Ajaita Shah, Environmental and Social Entrepreneur in India

Ajaitah Shah is Co-Founder and CEO of FrontierMarkets.“I spent many years working in rural India and living in darkness, witnessing...
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Laura Willoughby | Co-Founder Club Soda @joinclubsoda

Meet Laura Willoughby from Club Soda who helps people change their drinking whether they want to cut down, stop for...
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The Women Women initiative

In Indonesia, the Women Women initiative empowers women & addresses climate change. Learn how:
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prepaidafrica: Entrepreneur Spotlight: The entrepreneurs behind the schoolbag that transforms into a light at nightWhen South African childhood friends and later...
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Ila Asplund, Founder of Half Sky Journeys, about Meaningful Travels

Ila Asplund is the founder and CEO of Half Sky Journeys, building a global network of changemakers who travel with a...
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How to avoid self-sabotage?

Let’s talk about the behaviours you should avoid if you don’t want to sabotage your organisation… First of all, we rarely...
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The world needs to know… Jo Caley, founder HighStreet FitFinder

This week, we are meeting Jo Caley, who founded and runs, a website that helps women to buy the right...
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Louise van Rhyn | Ceo & Founder Partners for Possibility

Discover our #ImpactWomen series and pin your women-led social enterprise on the global map.Dr Louise van Rhyn is a doer. Not...
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Meet Julie Carney, Country Director for Gardens for Health International

Carney co-founded Gardens for Health, a program in Rwanda that integrates agricultural support with comprehensive health education to fight malnutrition....
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Leanne Brown, Author, Good and Cheap

Good and Cheap is a free PDF cookbook for people with very limited incomes, particularly those using food stamps. It...
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How to Build Your Own Domestic Violence Case Without a Lawyer

“How To Build Your Own Domestic Violence Case Without A Lawyer”. The free, open source guide has been designed as...
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