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Need to fuel up on inspiration? #ImpactWomen contemplate their heroes.

By Naomi Pyburn for OgunteI’m a big fan of the meditation app, Headspace . I try to use it daily...
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5 mental blocks that stop #ImpactWomen connecting with helpers – and how to power through.

By Naomi Pyburn for OgunteBuilding social capital, showing your face, talking to the ‘right’ people, making yourself known, moving in...
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#ImpactWomen 15 min workshop: Are you ready for GDPR?

VIDEO: new GDPR law (General Data Protection Regulation) comes into effect in May 2018 throughout Europe and even companies...
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#ImpactWomen show us how to grow through our mistakes and tough times!

By Naomi Pyburn for Ogunte Learning from your mistakes is nothing new. People have been doing it for a very long...
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How #ImpactWomen imprint purpose and values on every facet of their businesses

By Naomi Pyburn for Ogunte Ethically Competitive Today, the pressure is on for-profit sector companies to show that they care....
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Why #ImpactWomen will show you their “duct tape and nastiness”

By Naomi Pyburn for OgunteIn a talk at the Saïd Business School on how to fail at venturing, Charlie Curtis...
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12 essential ways to weave inclusion into the fabric of your social venture or investment fund

by Servane MouazanIf you want to learn about culture, listen to the storiesIf you want to change the culture change...
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6 tips to Create a Minimum Valuable service

Ogunte CIC, the organisation for Women in Social Enterprise organised a think-do session in collaboration with Digital Science with an...
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What if you designed with humans?

During our latest Ogunte brainy breakfast with the fabulous Futureheads Recruitment team, our guest speaker Clare Munday, and a lively...
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Steps to grow your sense of connectedness

Another year has passed and we still hear about the obstacles that we face, those we create, our fears, doubts,...
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African Diaspora Women pushing boundaries in Tech For Good

By Katharina Neureiter Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. Yet, women are often ‘invisible’ in mainstream...
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Why We All Need a Sense of Connectedness

By Servane Mouazan “There is nothing more negligent than attempting to address a problem one finds on a branch than by...
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How to hire and retain talent (including your own) in your social enterprise?

By Servane MouazanDuring our latest Ogunte brainy breakfast with the fabulous Futureheads Recruitment team and a lively group of women in...
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That leadership conversation you haven’t had yet

By Servane Mouazan ‘A ten-year plan is absurd. A ten-year commitment is precisely what’s required if you want to be...
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#ImpactWomen events to look out for!

by Emma Becirovic - Ogunte contributorOne of the best ways to grow as a social entrepreneur is by attending an...
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How to avoid a sustainability crisis in your social venture

Servane Mouazan Viability and ongoing sustainability: the capacity for living, developing, or germinating under favourable conditions. In a recent interview...
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From Dream to Reality in 10 Weeks.

by Jacquelyn GuderleyI didn’t mean to launch a business. I just wanted to solve a problem that I saw -...
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4 steps to grow your confidence

By Servane MouazanConfidence = capacity to overcome obstacles and gain assurance (in a particular area) “Lack of confidence” is the...
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6 ways to equip yourself and your team with a sense of learning

By Servane MouazanSense of learning = the way people make use of reflection and inspiration for themselves and others Growing...
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How social entrepreneurs can best equip themselves and their ventures to survive tough times and serve their communities.

by Servane MouazanThere are opportunities even in the most difficult moments.Wangari MaathaiAs many countries are experiencing tough and uncertain times,...
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