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Wear a strong statement with multiple ideas!

– Wear your t-shirt as a conversation starter
– Encourage other women to have a stronger voice
– Remind people that women social entrepreneurs bring about real value to people and planet
– When women social entrepreneurs get together to learn, lead and connect, they are able to propose different ways to do business, consume and share, and have real influence in the world.
– It’s power as “renewable energy”, “visionary force”, not a violent act!


100% combed organic cotton – Climate neutral fine jersey 4OZ/ 155g. T-shirt by Earth Positive – Certified by the Fair Wear Foundation. Currently 3 sizes available (M, L, XL)

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Profits on sales are reinvested to support the peer-to-peer #ImpactWomen networking map and events, aimed at Women Social Entrepreneurs and Innovators. Printing by Peris and Corr, based in Snowdonia National Park in North Wales.
It is our responsibility to supply you with goods that meet your consumer rights. If you have any concerns that we have not met our legal obligations please contact us.


Ogunte C.I.C. accepts gifts you can make to friends or colleagues to support their personal or business development. We work with women, and women-led enterprises, charities, networks, associations, intermediary organisations, that aim to have a positive social and environmental impact in the communities in which they operate. Alternatively you can buy a voucher that goes towards coaching support – or a campaign t-shirt!- for the person of your choice.

When you click on donate, specify the name and contact details of the person you want this gift to go to, and ideally towards which item (T-shirt, Beesmap booklet, a thinking booster trial or a set of coaching sessions)

Thank you so much! The Ogunte C.I.C. team

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Ogunte is a Community Interest Company
and a certified B Corp
Reg. in England and Wales nr:06389473

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