Why successful women social entrepreneurs remind me of slime mould


By Servane Mouazan, CEO, Ogunte   

This week our #1MillionImpactWomen campaign is about collaborating successfully with others to amplify your impact - and theirs.

A few years ago, I did a talk about women social entrepreneurs and how I have noticed some of them behave, particularly the ones who are successful. They have similar attitudes to slime mould, a single celled organism - a type of plant that can grow up to more than 3 square metres (a couple of mid-size desks at your shared office space!). 

They are self-organized systems, like birds flocking, that have no leader, and no central point of control, yet act as a single unit. 


Experts on the topic have noticed that, “When food is abundant a slime mould exists as a single-celled organism, it spreads, but when food is in short supply, slime moulds congregate and start moving as a single body”.

What a wonderful signal to start merging and collaborate, cutting back office costs, and focus largely on how you can use your best talent to make a positive social impact.

We’ve created map.ogunte.com where women social entrepreneurs can ‘pin’ their details and start finding collaborators to grow their impact and further the cause they are supporting. If you haven’t joined yet, please do it now - take this opportunity to be part of a future building movement of women social entrepreneurs or #1MillionImpactWomen.

Read more about Ogunte’s #1MillionImpactWomen campaign.

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