Who is your Community Activator?


If you want to build healthy teams, the focus on relationships and collaboration is essential.

A good business or NGO idea will not succeed without a network and a clear group of stakeholders. It will not succeed without healthy and well managed relationships.

You can’t do it on your own.

So in your team, who is the Community Activator?

If you have one, you are more likely to succeed! They gel the community to achieve the cause! It can take time to have (and keep!) a great Community Activator on board, but without him/her, you will not get anywhere.

You can’t know who is going to be the most useful.

Diversity will pay back.

Time will tell.

Never forget to reciprocate or “Pay it Forward”!

When you are managing your relationships well, you will quickly get to see from the people who commit to make a difference, if they follow up, open doors and deliver. Remember that if you give them a space to their help, they are more likely to be in for the long run.

When you work across larger physical networks, you’ll need to locate one or more community activators locally. You’ll have to trust that someone else will know their community far better than you.

Havea go, finish and answer the following sentences - be specific!

  1. Do you know anyone who…….***?
  2. Who has been very generous with their time, their resources, their connections, lately?
  3. How have we reciprocated what we have been given?

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