Who helps the helpers? #4 Long term relationships

We’re presenting the results of our social business supporters’ survey over dinner and discussion in London on 26 September. Get your invitation here.

During our latest survey to Social Business support providers, we asked:

“Where do you get help?”

85% of the respondents said they sourced information through online information portals, websites, blogs,


59% said they were getting their information through face-to-face networking events.

But the FIRST thing they generally consider before BUYING external advice is personal recommendation (38%)

If you flip this data on its head, what does it teach you about your own strategy as a social business support provider…

  • What are you doing to nurture the ongoing relationship with the organisations you have supported?
  • How do they speak about you?
  • What do they know about the services you offer?

More in depth…

  • Are you clear about the journey you’ve taken with your clients and importantly are your clients clear about their achievements through your contribution?
  • How can you better monitor and capture your client’s journeys; and measure the outcomes of your intervention?
  • When you have collected the answers above, how do you communicate/share it with your peers and your audience?

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