Who helps the helpers? #3 Trust

We’re presenting the results of our social business supporters’ survey over dinner and discussion in London on 26 September. Get your invitation here.

Our Social Business Supporters survey showed some of you had difficulty increasing their sales through the digital space.


The secret to crack this is very much a combination of the experience and the journey your audience has on your internet platforms, a large amount of trust, plus your reputation on- and off-line.

Ask yourself:

  • What is the pain point you are relieving…
  • How do you encourage people to join a conversation by the end of which you will be relieving the pain points?
  • What do potential users experience when they navigate your platforms, are they gently taken to the buying point or left to their own device in the middle of the digital journey?
  • How do your users build trust when you are not there to physically talk to them?

What do users get?

  • Partially and for free (for people who can’t pay you)
  • For a fee (for the clients who can afford your services)

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