Who helps the helpers #2

We’re presenting the results of our social business supporters’ survey over dinner and discussion in London on 26 September. Get your invitation here.

Following up on our recent post about our survey to business supporters, here is what the survey taught us: you have very keen followers, champions and amplifiers but only a small percentage converts into paying clients.

You love your audience, they love you too, but you can’t pay the rent!

This is no bad route to market but some are shorter than others. So to overturn this basic law of physics and cash-flow, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Can the people I want to support afford my services?
  • Am I attempting to sustain a blogging hobby or build a business support consultancy?
  • Can I justify spending 80% of my time doing things that only generate 20% of my revenue targets?
  • What do I know about my audience’s buying habits and expectations?
  • If I definitely want to serve that specific audience, how can they find/generate the funds to pay for my services? (And will they…?)
  • How can I create a model that sustains itself if I support pre-revenue social enterprises?

Close to this worry, some respondents asked “how to convincingly convey the business value of our services, even though our audience is not technical”.

I am going to continue using the language of love. Imagine you are about to meet your future life partner for a first date… if you come across too confused, full of complexities, no drive, if you are not listening and and convey unclear intentions, you risk to chase away your partner…

So can you communicate simply and clearly, what your business support service is all about, why your audience should do more than just love you but also test and buy your service?

Look at Simon Sinek’s TedX speech on how great leaders inspire action… They focus on the why, not on the what.

So what does it make you say about your business?

If you’d like to work on this in more depth, check out our trial coaching sessions:


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