What’s Your Brand Identity? (Tips!)

Make a Wave webinar guest host Olivia Knight, ceo of PatchworkPresent gave us a taster on how to design your brand identity.


Olivia went over all the crucial stuff that sums up your brand identity -your beliefs, your purpose, your product and what makes you different.
She encouraged the participants to “Not think too hard and stay succinct, really, really succinct…. and "Just be true, simple and human”.

Here’s the exercise she encouraged the Make a Wave fellows to go through, answering  WHY, WHO, then HOW and WHAT.


Look at Patchwork’s brand identity and Olivia’s slides here.

This is how she answered the questions:

  • How do you sum up the product or service? Collective, creative, giving.
  • Why would people use it? To fund one thing they want.
  • Who is it for? People with more imagination than money
  • How does it work? Like a patchwork - piece by piece
  • Sum up your purpose! What are you for or what are you against? Want not Waste.
  • How would you describe what you do to your Nan? A whip round.
  • How would you describe it using ‘X meets Y’ lift pitch speak?  Just Giving meets Pinterest.

Have a go! What’s your brand identity?

Can you sum up your business in one sentence? - as an X meets Y? - to your Nan? - on your t-shirt? - as a tweet?

Post your results here!


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