What is love?


By Servane Mouazan, CEO, Ogunte

This week our #1MillionImpactWomen campaign is all about love - the motivating force for women social entrepreneurs around the world.

Marcelo Yuka, the Brazilian activist and performing artist, has concentrated his efforts for decades on understanding the link between life purpose, life journey, and human connections, thinks that everything fuses into a simple concept: love.

Far from being a fluffy concept, it offers the most complex platform where you can gain insights into your power, your capacity to make decisions that influence and change people’s world.

“Love is a type of intelligence that can’t be confined solely to a form of relationship amongst family members or significant people, but rather, it’s a way to see the world. It’s the greatest of all human potentials. It’s a traditional wisdom and at the same time, it’s the most modern one,” Marcelo says.

We’ve created map.ogunte.com where you can ‘pin’ your social venture and showcase to the world your single acts of generosity, as well as the ripple effect you have had on the communities you are supporting. What is more powerful than replicated, inspiring love?

If you haven’t joined yet, please do it now and take this opportunity to be part of a future building movement of women social entrepreneurs: #1MillionImpactWomen.

Read more about Ogunte’s #1MillionImpactWomen campaign.

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