What if #1MillionImpactWomen Connect?

At Ogunte, we believe that if 1 million Impact Women (women social entrepreneurs) connect, we will change the course of the world. Change will be created as we exchange knowledge, share our stories and support each other. Our confidence, boldness and visibility will grow resulting in greater success for women at individual, enterprise and global level. The world will become a place where power is shared more equally, plans are made with future generations in mind and local solutions are scaled to solve global problems.

So let’s get started right now. We’ve created map.ogunte.com where women social entrepreneurs can ‘pin’ their details and start making connections to grow their impact and further the cause they are supporting. If you haven’t joined yet, please do it now - take this opportunity to be part of a future building movement of women social entrepreneurs or #1MillionImpactWomen.

For the next few weeks, we will be discussing the benefits and positive behaviours that flow from growing your personal networks and connectedness.

We’ll post blogs, videos, articles and tips on these themes to Ogunte’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, so make sure you are signed up to both!

You’ll also see that we are kickstarting this by featuring news and inspiring stories about Impact Women across the African continent. There are so many Impact Women that the world needs to know - and who need to know each other - that we are throwing out this spotlight to help the connections start forming. If you work in any country in Africa, or with women who do, take this chance to tell your story.

If you don’t, then find inspiration, learn from and connect with these vibrant Impact Women.

Join us now at map.ogunte.com to start connecting and contributing. Share this message - help us to spread the word and increase your impact.

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