What Do You Mean By Team?


Recruiting the right people for your team is about being clear about HOW YOU WANT PEOPLE TO HELP YOU.

You know the old mantra in every business and NGO support workshop…

“You need to build a good team!”

But what do we mean by team?


Think wide, yourself, volunteers, people on payroll, advisors, board members, consultants, network members, etc.

I’d like you to think about the top three stakeholders, first inside and then outside the office.

Once you have them in mind…

  1. Design a question you’d like to ask them
  2. How can you help them help you
  3. How much room are you going to give them in order to help you?


A team is not just about a couple of people in the office.

The people in the office are just a small part of the broader team.


Building an efficient team is indeed:

  • A technical process – you will need funds and/or time to recruit and manage people, allocate the right people to the right projects.
  • But building an efficient team it is also MUCH MORE ABOUT COLLABORATION, and relationship building.

So how is your relationship building going?

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