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Are you in the business of making a (hopefully) positive impact?

In this pre-Covid chat, Natalia Komis, the creator of Humans On A Mission podcast interviewed our director Servane Mouazan. They talked about what feels important when we set out to make positive changes in people's worlds; exploring silent retreats, the practice of love, who Servane would invite on to her desert Island and what she thinks the world will look like in 50 years time.

Servane Mouazan - Guest on Natalia Komis' Humans on A mission Podcast 2020

If you’re interested in, or working in a social enterprise, or would like to start one of your own one day, this episode is for you.
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"Servane Mouazan has a really insightful and knowledgeable approach to the world of social enterprise, especially when it comes to the impact that women create through this work. She explains what a social enterprise is and why when you create one, it can’t be about you. How not to perpetrate the issue you’re trying to fight, especially when it comes to creating work through the gender lens.

Servane Mouazan is the founder of Ogunte CIC, which supports the business needs of women in social enterprises and organisations who aspire to have a positive impact on women and girls."


Humans in a Mission is the bi-weekly podcast for radical creatives, mission-driven action takers, and visionary leaders wanting to change the world. Created to inspire, educate and guide you to living your soul mission. For each episode that is published in Season 1, a donation is made to charity.

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