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** We want to feature as many women social entrepreneurs as possible (#1MillionImpactWomen !) and let the world know about how you transform people, your communities or the world at large. Here are a few questions you can pick and send back to us:**

  • Use this template, pick up to 6 questions and we’ll work the magic afterwards!
  • Questions 1 and 15 are compulsory! ;-)
  • Send your interview to hello at ogunte dot com with a fab picture of yourself.

Here are the questions…

    1. Who are you in one sentence and what should the world specifically know about your social enterprise. (Add your website and your twitter handle!
    2. What is it that you are doing differently (think of your region, your collaborations, your theory of change, your suppliers, how you impact on people)
    3. Can you articulate in 3 to 5 points how you managed to successfully run your venture…?
    4. What do you know now that you wished you had known from the beginning?
    5. What questions do your clients never ask you, you wished they did…
    6. What ideal conversation would you have loved to have with an investor?
    7. How do you close the gender gap in your day to day activities?
    8. What is your ideal social conference panel in your line of work? (This is the equivalent of your favourite guests for a dinner party…
    9. How is your eagerness to be involved as a social entrepreneur stem from what happened earlier on in your life?
    10. If you were not doing what you are doing now, what other business or activity would you be contributing to…?
    11. What was a pivotal moment in your life as a woman social entrepreneur?
    12. If i tell you “financial literacy”, what are you telling me? (give an example)
    13. If i tell you “measuring your social impact”, what are you telling me? (give an example
    14. If I tell you “love”, what are you telling me?
    15. How does your world look like in 2030?

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