Susan Aktemel: Never separate ideas from spreadsheets!


Huge thanks to Susan Aktemel from Homes for Good Ltd who shared her experience and insights with our cohort of women social entrepreneurs during our third Make a Wave Incubator in 2012.

Here are some thoughts and tips that Susan passed on:

  • Never separate ideas from spreadsheets!
  • Let go of the ideas that are not viable.
  • Having ambitious and realistic goals helps at the beginning (Visualise first and then get systematic about it!)
  • Ask for help.
  • Don’t be upset if people don’t answer your requests immediately, your business might not be their priority.
  • Don’t burn out! (You are in control, get the balance right)
  • If you stop loving what you do, watch out, you might start cutting corners.
  • Get to know yourself really well, and be honest about the things you can and cannot do.

And for more great advice, watch this video where Susan asks her younger self some incisive questions: 

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