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How? -  you might ask.

The answer is The Code to Change’s Digital Skills Bootcamp. From October, Code to Change will run an innovative mentoring programme that imparts essential digital skills which are required for pursuing a career in the digital market.

We believe that you do not have to go back to school to go into ICT (Information Communications Technology). We help you realize you do not need to be a coder to be in ICT. At Code to Change, we aim to bridge the skills gap by making available effective education and mentoring through our dedicated community of technology professionals who are already on their career ladder.

The program is supported by leaders and rising stars of the tech world who are passionate about sharing their skills and expertise with others. The program kicks off with a three days event, which includes e-skills boot camp and conference. It is then followed by 5 months activities: 1 month for onboarding matching mentors and mentees, following by 3 months of mentoring. The last month is dedicated to sharing learnings, showcasing projects and sharing feedback.


The boot camp on October 10th will help 50 women to take their first steps into the basics of coding and introduce them to the fascinating world of information technology. The mentees will work with their peers and highly experienced mentors from tech companies.

This is our third cohort and we are even more excited about the changes and improvements we are bringing this year! In addition to the beginners’ level session, we have now introduced the intermediate level. The intermediate level is for code newbies, who did some courses and are now ready to take their learning to the next level.

We are expecting women from all over the world to join us! If you can be in Amsterdam for three days and want to get a taste of building something from scratch, or you have already opened Pandora’s box and started playing around with different programming language at the intermediate level, apply for the boot camp today!

The two days boot camp will be held in the heart of beautiful Rent24 venue at Magna Plaza, one of the landmarks in Amsterdam. We look forward to welcoming 50 women to join this experience. The boot camp participants will get the opportunity to hear from our emerging leaders in the tech world and get first-hand knowledge of what it takes to make it in the tech world.

The opening talk will be delivered by the founder, Iffat Gill and co-founder, Mine Ogura of The Code To Change. The beginner session will be lead by Alexandra Vargas, a passionate Colombian Front End Developer and the intermediate level by Andreea Marin, a Software Engineer specialised in Java and Big Data.

Today our mentees are exploring new worlds in the technology sector, whether it is building applications or using their existing skills in a new digital role. Our mentees are creating technology and not just consuming it.

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