Social Change Professionals Case-Studies

Different approaches for different social change professionals


Case-study 1: Social Change-maker based in Cairo, Egypt / Washington DC, USA

Client Profile:

A committed political analyst who is passionate about increasing the influence of people. Experienced in incubating ideas, and strategically developing networks and organisations. Delivers results in management of complex projects and operations. Ability to incubate innovative ideas, motivate teams across borders and deliver on global results. Committed and engaged, with a high analytical sense and an inner drive.

Client's experienced result and feedback:

Having a coach is normally a big thing -a way to set of time to reflect and consider the best options to move ideas forward. My sessions with my Ogunte coach have been so much more than that. This has been the space where I have been safe enough to dig deep, reconsider my barriers and really move forward on my strengths. I came into our work together knowing I wanted to start something, but not what. I am leaving with my hands over my head, with a clear plan. Incredible work, thank you!

Case-study 2: Entrepreneur, speaker, global Sharing Economy expert and consultant

Client Profile: 

A global award-winning social entrepreneur, innovator and public speaker, writer and consultant on the Sharing Economy and the Founder of a social enterprise that helps people and companies discover the sharing economy.

Client's experienced result and feedback:

Our coach looked at different aspects of the business model and helped to ensure a laser sharp focus for the business. Specifically, she helped me to develop an investment ready business model, which resulted in me being able to raise seed equity investment via crowdfunding of £151,000.

A key outcome of the coaching was to develop a due diligence pack for our brokering web platform. Understanding how to put together an effective pack was essential in being able to attract investment.

A highly talented business coach, our coach can transform even the most seemingly complex business concept and enables entrepreneurs to present a fit for market proposition. She knows how to accelerate businesses growth and enables entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level.

Our platform was recently selected by Google to represent the UK tech sector for a residential programme in Silicon Valley for born global startups. Our Ogunte coach’s contribution at the early stage of our business development helped us to develop into a ‘born global startup, identified by Google as a technology brand of the future.

Case-study 3: Social Changemaker based in London, UK

Client Profile:

Serial social entrepreneur focused on mental health support and emotional fitness programmes, community cohesion and social business creation programmes, co-creative networked processes. Previously a business analyst and programme manager at large British plc.

Client's experienced result and feedback:

Servane coached me during a challenging time in which I had to integrate several wildly disconnected threads in my life. As the year went by, I came to know that I would leave the sessions with power and focus. She is outstanding in her ability to motivate but also to facilitate people’s own sense-making. In addition to her powerful and natural coaching skills, she has vast experience in change making and understands the subtle decision-making needed and also the bold and brave stances that have to be taken if you want to make a difference that makes a difference. [...] It's pure fun to sit and to dream together with Servane. She is one of the courageous individuals who is challenging the assumptions about what women are capable of in this world. She is pushing at the edge of the public perception of feminine leadership.

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