Case-Study - Fundraising Consultant

International Fundraising Consultant and coach for social ventures, other fundraisers and foundations.

Girl - Mursi Tribe - Ethiopia- Pic by Roy Waddington


The coachee wanted to refresh and rejuvenate competences and confidence in her coaching and mentoring techniques.


The sessions helped the client across her work life not just the work she sought specific coaching for.
At the end of the 6 sessions, she better understood her role as coach, her role as advisor, and doer, and confirmed her own 'style' as being valid.

Additionally, the coaching client uncovered a greater confidence in her approach: she developed her own personal fingerprint, she validated her attraction towards collaborative environments, and confirmed the value of being creative, even in a context that traditionally doesn't always lend itself to be this way.

Coaching's main outcomes in the client’s own words:

  • more self trust
  • a happier client relationship with very positive outcomes,
  • a healthier work-life balance with client I sought this coaching for
  • tools that support my approach/theory of change
  • I came up with a new term to describe what I do to affect change

Three major contributions by the coach, in the client's own words:

  • provided a valuable framework
  • encouraged me to value my own natural approach rather than encourage a new 'off the shelf' one.
  • considerably increased my confidence as a senior practitioner and remote worker.

Client’s additional thoughts:

“Coaching has unlocked concerns about myself. My coach created a safe environment to creatively address blockages and challenges to really be the best I could. She challenges you to think hard and deeply about the solutions, patterns and self-awareness anyone needs to realise their professional passions.”

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