Questions Business Support Providers Have About Money...


Money is a painful topic

Don’t you feel it is time you invited yourself into a conversation about money?

A conversation about the money you haven’t made yet;

About the outgoings you haven’t budgeted for as you started your business;

About the cashflow that melts like ice in the sun;

Let’s talk about the corporate finance expertise you never allowed yourself to get;

The funder you were counting on and that is folding;

The CFO you wanted to keep at all costs and who is flying back to Argentina;

The aspiring clients who can’t rise up to your new fees structure;

The money you’ve invested in a company, which didn’t return anything;

The time you haven’t got to fill in this humongous funding application;

The job that would be so much easier to get compared to this gig where you can’t close the deal;

The advice and the mentoring provided for exposure;

The exit strategy that was so badly designed;

So if you want to sit down and talk about this money story, by all means, please comment and we’ll make a it a priority.

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