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Janwaar Castle

Ulrike Reinhard

Skateboarding and learning go beautifully together in parts of the world where they are not commonly put together.

Inspired by Skateistan in Afghanistan, Ulrike Reinhard decided to setup a similar project in rural India: Janwaar Castle.

Janwar is a village in the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh, India. The skake park is part of Janwaar Castle which is a learning camp with a skate park at its core”. Janwaar Castle is supported by Skate Aid, a German NGO, that provides them with skateboards, and a series of crowdfunding activities to supply them with all sorts of safety gears.

Skateboards are available to children 24/7. They are in heavy use even in this part of India where roads are rare and in terrible conditions – more for buffalos and goats than cars or bikes!

Listen to the Interview Servane conducted with Ulrike, CEO of Janwaar Castle.

In this interview, Ulrike explained how she created Janwaar Castle, prototyping and piloting different activities an concepts with fluidity. Kids can only use skateboards if they go to school. You will hear, about the rule #GirlsFirst, at the skate park, in a place where femicide is frequent at birth, tackling the issue of gender inequality without naming it.

The organization has impacted 250 to 300 children, cast and outcast, boys and girls, from 3 to 16 years old.

At the Skatepark, they are not being pushed back, They don’t need to ask for permission. People take them seriously and speak to them at level. It’s unknown to them and they buy into it. They feel connected. It might be a chance for them to get out of their daily routine. It’s about hope. It’s about becoming proud of what you are.

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