Neela Bettridge


Neela Bettridge

As co-founder of Article13 and supported by the belief that ‘more of the same is not an option’, Neela takes a transformative approach to working with organisations to identify their core material issues and stakeholders, and then supports their strategy towards not only minimising risks, but capitalising on the opportunities .

Neela actively engages people in sustainability strategies, engaging with the board to demonstrate how to successfully combine ethical motivations with commercial necessity, offering comprehensive, forward looking advice that results in positive change. Combining a strong ethical motivation with hard-headed commercial realism, she helps clients achieve the change in attitude and behaviour needed to help ‘refit’, enterprises, corporations and government bodies to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving landscape..

Her client list includes: Arqiva, Arup, BAA, BNFL, British Gas, BUPA International. Camelot, CBI, Compass Group, Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs, & Equal Opportunities, DRAX, HSBC, Kerry Foods Group, Learning & Skills Council (LSC), UK Local Authorities (various) , MetroNet, Nestlé Purina, NHS (various), Odgers Berndtson, Prospect Group, Roche Pharmaceuticals, SABIC, Severn Trent, Skanska.

Case study: Energy Provider

This company has really suffered on the issues of trust. Neela refined criteria for choice of projects that impacted the community, resulting in a 15% increase in trust over a year period. She has also run materiality sessions for them and developed their sustainability strategy UK wide.

‘Neela has worked extensively at multinational board level and has been a very successful entrepreneur herself. She understands what is required to perform at the top level and is willing to both challenge and support, to enable this to happen.’ (CEO, Financial)

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