Malin Roux


Malin Roux

Social Entrepreneur and CSR consultant Malin Roux is the founder of the new Swedish NGO Realstars.

Active since 2010, Realstars have influenced individuals, decision makers and companies to promote fair sex and to put an end to sex trafficking.

Post author: Amanda Cambronero Watson

Why is this necessary?

Over the past decade we have noticed that the issue of human trafficking is worsening and at the same time we see how this issue is not being addressed as a top priority. It’s clear to us that a more efficient legislation is necessary to combat this issue. The Swedish Sex Purchase Act is a great strategy to combat both prostitution and human trafficking because it criminalises the buyer as being part of the trafficking chain (See the Sexbuyer). This specific fact is actually one of the reasons why Realstars was established. At the moment there are plenty of organisations that work against trafficking, but there are a few things that make us different from the rest.

Fair sex: a new initiative

One thing that makes us stand out is our concept of fair sex. Fair Sex, for us, means to acknowledge sex as a positive force in people’s lives, on equal terms and with mutual respect. Fair Sex is the opposite of sexual violence, abuse and trafficking. This concept helps us all to consider the difficult issue of sex trafficking from a new perspective that all of us can relate to. Fair Sex gives us meaning, direction and energy beyond the tragic circumstances of sex trafficking guiding and inspiring us in our work without losing the sense of urgency.

Fashion, art and design

Apart from incorporating the concept of fair sex in our work we use fashion, art and design in order to channel our message of Fair Sex to a broader audience. Incorporating fashion, art and design in our work allow us to come in contact with artists that want to make a stand against this awful crime by standing behind our values and sharing their art for a great cause.

In our first fashion collaboration we pair up with the Swedish designer Johanna Brag to design a collection of legwear that we were able to showcase at The Röhsska Museum of Fashion, Design and Textile in the city of Gothenburg.

We are currently launching our new collection of t-shirts with messages to captivate our audience and spread our message of fair sex. The main purpose of our Realstars branded products is to allow our audience to become active agents in our work.

Being part of the world of fashion, art and design connect us with high profile personalities and celebrities that want to collaborate with us and stand behind our work. On our main page we have a special page where we feature interviews of celebrities that support our work.

(To read some of the interviews please check out this page)
Work and collaborations

Our work mainly consists of campaigning, spreading awareness, influencing policy makers and inspiring other societal actors and corporations to join our commitment. In one of our latest campaigns -"Business against trafficking"- we have had the opportunity to work with a marketing and management organisation in their annual CSR project to spread information to businesses that may unknowingly be associated with trafficking.

The second stage in this campaign consists of partnering with business to help them build up ethical guidelines that prevent them from being part of the trafficking chain.

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