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Luiza Arcuschin

Did you know there is such a thing as a dream facilitator?

Discover Luiza Arcuschin, a Brazilian in Berlin, who has made her purpose to empower people to live a fulfilling life through her venture: Dream Facilitation.


OGUNTE: Who are you Luiza, and what should the world specifically know about Dream Facilitation?

Luiza Arcuschin: In 2015 I started Dream Facilitation, which is a tailor-made consultancy for people who want to investigate, plan and implement projects that help them fulfill their life purpose. I convey my strategic business skills with passion and creativity in order to support people in the process of acknowledging and then implementing their dreams.

My role as a Dream Facilitator is to act as a partner of the dreamer, giving support and encouragement for them to face their fears and overcome practical challenges.

Ogunte: What are you doing differently?

L.A.: I’m offering a combination of tools and methodologies such as coaching, business consulting and mentoring.

The facilitation includes facing personal problems and challenges, but also a critical and realistic look at business aspects and strategies to get things moving. It all adds up to helping people find out who they are and where they want to go, and to figuring out the strategy for taking the steps to get there.

Dream Facilitation Session

Recently I talked to a 55 years old man, working in human behavior science. He was saying "Wow, until half an hour ago, I didn't know anyone could analyse a person, whilst also figuring out a strategy on how to actually make things happen, including the business perspective. I’ve never seen someone who could bring these things together!" This was very flattering to me and I think he summed up quite well what I’m trying to do differently.

It’s about having a constant will for development

Ogunte: Can you share how you managed to successfully run your venture?

L.A: During the first six months, I worked with seven dreamers, exchanging experiences and gaining insights on how the process and business model should be shaped.

Secondly, being a dream facilitator is my own dream. It’s something I’m in with my heart. It’s what I believe I am in the world for and how I believe I can make an impact.

Third, it’s about having a constant will for development. I’m always looking for new methodologies, enrolling in courses, and researching for complementary skills by checking out books, articles, talks, etc.

Last, but not least, I work in partnerships and collaboration with professionals who offer complementary skills. For instance, to advise on legal issues, provide deeper financial analysis, who help with design, social media, and so on. I believe in creating a league of dream facilitators, and nurturing a network of people combining forces and skills for the greater good.

Ogunte: What was a pivotal moment in your life as a Dream Facilitator?

There were a few moments but a very remarkable one was during University, when I took part in a project called OASIS, developed by Instituto Elos. It is a type of game to bring together a community and mobilize their efforts, in order to realize their collective dreams. For two months, alongside a group of students, I worked with a community living in the neighborhood close to our university. Their collective dream was to have a public space to get together in, like a park. After an intensive period of immersing ourselves in the community, the last two days was time for 'mutirão', where we made a hands-on-effort to make that park a reality. In one weekend everyone joined forces, mobilized people, resources and materials, and collectively we transformed an empty space into a green, colorful and playful area. All without financial resources; it was all voluntary and donations!

That experience was super empowering to me. It was like sparkling lights that helped me in finding out my own dream. I realized that I loved helping people to follow theirs, and that we all have the power to make things happen; to make dreams became true.

Ogunte: If I tell you “love”, what are you telling me?

L.A.: Life. For me love is the deepest essence of life in the sense that it surrounds everything that is worthwhile and meaningful.

We all have the power to make things happen

Ogunte: How does your world look like in 2030?

L.A.: When I was younger, I used to say that I wanted to 'change the world'. But then I started wondering: "Ok, but how am I going to change the world? What is the positive impact I can make?”

I believe the best way to change to world is by changing people.

I’d say that in 2030 the world would have more people connected to their purpose and living their authentic lives. And, as a result, more sparkling eyes, more hearts beating strong, and more fulfilled lives.

I also hope to see those dreamers expanding into a network, in which they can combine talents, energy and their individual missions, to dream together, creating a higher impact. "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality”, said Yoko Ono.

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