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The Next Billion

Babou Olengha-Aaby

Babou Olengha-Aaby is the CEO and Founder of The Next Billion (Formerly Mums Mean Business), an impact-driven crowdfunding platform. She helps female led-enterprises raise capital to start, scale, grow and lead successful and economically sustainable businesses.

Her company is on a mission to unleash and invest in women’s economic potential through entrepreneurship as a catalyst for positive impact to local, national and global economies. She is seeking to provide the growing number of female-led enterprises worldwide with a quadruple A service: Access to Finance, Access to Development Skills, Access to Markets and Access to Inspirational Role Models and much more.

"What if I told you that the next billion dollar market opportunity isn't China or India but...Women. Would you invest? And what would your contribution be?"

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A Globally Spotted Platform

"At the end of April we will be launching of the first part of our offering - a social amplification and discovery platform for female-led enterprises. The goal of the amplification platform which marries Hootsuite's social media management & Thunderclap's Crowdspreaking functionality is to champion more visibility for women-led enterprises worldwide by enabling them to gain access to wider 'networks' of supporters (beyond just friends and family) and through these broader audiences.

Adjacent to the platform, we have also launched a Global Spotters Network inviting a curating list of individuals (journalists, bloggers, influencers, entrepreneurs, celebrities) already actively involved in empowering women entrepreneurs and engaged in raising their profiles."

3 Impact Women Babou Recommends

Mariam Naqvi Fashion Footprint  (Norway)
Anne Dubrau Epleslang (Norway)
Antoinette Botti Ging (Ivory Coast)

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