Plan your Social Media Activities... with Becky @WhoMadeYour Pants!


If Social Media makes you run away, read these Social Media Tips kindly provided by Make a Wave Fellow Becky John, CEO at WhoMadeyourPants. This is how she does it!

“Before doing anything, use the Social Media Planner spreadsheet, available here
Use Facebook scheduled posts and set up a regular schedule in Buffer for tweets scheduling at set times each day - they are both better than anything else I have ever used.
I print out a ‘Facebook” and 'Twitter’ page from that planner every month to manage posts and tweets for the next month. The Facebook sheet is set to our key times; the Twitter one just lists core topics to cover. Facebook allows something crazy like 200 posts to be scheduled in advance, Buffer allows about ten at a time.
Populate as much as you can in both in pencil at the beginning of the month - make a skeleton. Are there events, upcoming stuff you’re doing, global/national/days to mark? 
Make that your month skeleton. 
Add in any press coverage or events or activities as soon as they get dates confirmed. 
Schedule teaser coverage in advance and then keep pulsing it afterwards. 
The planner helps plan that cascade.
I use the Facebook planner to be very specific about which posts I will share when ( I might share a piece of news coverage at 9am one day, 10pm the next, 12 noon the next so as to get it in front of different people) and I use the twitter sheet just to note key topics for each day. 
For instance, we have some topics I share every day - the team for example. Some are month specific - in December a twitter topic would be Christmas…
I schedule 13 tweets a day (usually at around 9am and then 5pm so I can go home knowing that the morning is covered!)  and then drop in in between times to respond to customers.“
Nb: One thing that Becky does very well is engaging with her customers and her network, on top of these scheduled messages. 

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