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Strategic philanthropic programming - Futures Thinking

CLIENT: The KERING FOUNDATION (private foundation)
PERIOD: 2018

The Kering Corporate Foundation is dedicated to combat violence against women. 2018 is the 10-year anniversary of the Foundation. On this occasion, the Foundation wants to dream bigger with no limit, and focus on an innovative programming.

Questions asked: What could the group of stakeholders co-design, implement, together? How could the philanthropic corporate foundation, and the corporate group, mobilize themselves and others to make a significant impact and to achieve the Foundations mission: to put an end to violence against women?

  • Help assess key themes that are relevant and innovative when combating violence against women.
  • Focus on global systems practice and stakeholders engagement.
  • Create processes that enable staff and supply chain to be aware, trained on the topic and who in turn become confident agents of change.
  • Source external experts who are knowledgeable about violence against women and open to join a creative brainstorming process.
  • Enabling a diverse and intersectional thinking process during the brainstorming and future thinking session.
  • Individuals get a heads up generating ideas without judgment, through a preparation questionnaire, provided ahead of the session, using the role-storming and Thinking Hats methodology.
  • The work combines individual and group brainstorming to maximise insights and opportunities.
  • On the day, the group is using a Design Thinking methodology that fosters creativity: What is, What if , What Wows, What works.
  • With insights from experts and the theory of change in the background, logistic constraints, geographic focus, the core team refines the ideas, list resources needed to implement the plan, assess risks and potential collaborations possible, as well as adding some context to the new themes and avenues for innovation that they have have generated.
  • The facilitator creates a space that enables 1) a real storm of ideas 2) a quick structuring of the roadmap.

    • Through a projection into the future and 4 different scenarios, the Kering Foundation team and external experts and practitioners identified key behaviours, emotions, contexts, issues, upstream causes, downstream effects related to violence against women. After individual and group discussions, the group selected systemic themes that accelerate change.
    • The facilitator encouraged the participants to appreciate the reception, constraints, felt by an intersectional audience (survivors of violence, various stakeholders, institutions, policy makers, etc ) and to be bold about breaking conceptual silos.
    • As a result, the participants co-designed three connected programmes prototypes, one internal to the Kering group, and two others external facing, deployable within 5 years.
    • The group also designed pledges/proposals to mark the 10th anniversary celebrations, in relation to the programmes designed.
“Servane fully dominates the process of the workshop, take into account the constraints and make sure all of them are addressed.

Sometimes it may look as if she is going into too many directions but she has amazing synthesis skills!" 

Celine Bonnaire, Executive Director Kering Foundation

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