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By Servane Mouazan, CEO, Ogunte

This week our #1MillionImpactWomen campaign is about enhancing your sense of connectedness and helping you to develop your ecosystem.

Being a smart connector is not only about giving and receiving but equally about passing on and nurturing a common vision. We often sabotage our existence by putting ourselves in boxes. Yet our brain has got enough resources to remind us of who AND WHERE we really want to be.

In 2008, I experienced a serious brainwave thanks to Professor Angela Davis. Davis is a human rights and political activist and also a professor in philosophy. She has been campaigning for years about the abolition of prison. Back in the 70’s, as a leader of Communist Party in the USA and the Black Panthers Party, she was branded a political terrorist and was sent to jail.

Her friends and supporters did manage to keep her campaign in the limelight, all over the world, stand against the state, and ask for her liberation.

In this room full of (mostly) women, on that 8th of March 2008, Davis was interviewed about her life and learning. Something in particular caught my attention:

When she was asked: “what kept you going all this time?”

She said: “Remember I wasn’t the one demonstrating on the streets,  I was behind bars. What kept me going is knowing that I was connected. What kept me going, is that our message was out there. What kept me going is that sense of connectedness.

The penny dropped.

How do you experience that sense of connectedness, simultaneously at home, at work, in your community… And if there’s a vacuum somewhere, what support do you get in order to make a move?

We’ve created map.ogunte.com where women social entrepreneurs can ‘pin’ their details and start making connections to grow their impact and further the cause they are supporting. If you haven’t joined yet, please do it now - take this opportunity to be part of a future building movement of women social entrepreneurs or #1MillionImpactWomen.

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