"Iris Speaks" needs your advice! Can you help?

Social Entrepreneur Zoe Peden is on a campaign to raise awareness of her latest venture Iris Speaks. At Ogunte, we were thrilled to help Zoe’s first company Insane Logic get off the ground to support over 100,000 people with their communication so she’s keen to tap into the network again.

Iris Speaks aims to provide highly productive and cost-effective Speech and Language Therapy programmes. It will do this by combining the latest digital and machine learning technology with access to highly qualified experts to provide targeted and unique learning and development opportunities for the people who need it most.

But Iris Speaks has to start somewhere and this is where Zoe is putting a call out to you. She has a team of speech and language therapists writing content aimed at helping everybody from children to older adults.

Iris Speaks is starting with 5 key areas of support:

  • Language delay
  • Articulation (pronunciation)
  • Autism/Social communication issues
  • Stroke and
  • Dysphagia (swallowing)

They have a free 10 part inbox course with videos for each of these very important and worthwhile areas. Zoe is looking for support on getting the word out about these courses to families who would benefit. Those who sign up will help her research into finding out the areas of therapy to focus upon with the tech.

  1. For families with children under 7 with language delay or speech issues, visit www.irisspeaks.com/language and www.irisspeaks.com/speech
  2. For families of children with autism, visit http://www.irisspeaks.com/autism

Thank you!


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