Insights for a Winning Entrepreneurial Attitude



Work on a simple and bold vision.

When you start a business with a limited budget, you’ll need to cover your private expenses, keep a part-time job or be sure about a sustainable source of income that can cover your basic needs for some months ahead. Put some money aside if you can. No one is immune from a life incident, separation, a change of house, impromptu building works, illness, that make you change your plans.

Spend the initial phase refining your vision and what you want to test and roll out.

Draw it on a big wall. Print the t-shirt if you need to! Make it so simple that people can tweet it.

Be a mystery shopper at companies that produce services or products similar to yours. Understand how you could build an “unfair advantage”- that REALLY unique selling point…

But be clear. At all time.

Your clarity, the way you communicate your idea will make you save money, and will help you attract people (that “social capital”), champions, and eventually financial support.

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