Insights for a Winning Entrepreneurial Attitude #3



Even if you are meant to be the chief creative officer for life of your own venture, we recommend you improve your financial literacy. (If anything, you’ll be able to put your personal financial matters in order).

Assumptions make you believe that access to finance is the main hurdle for women entrepreneurs. The reality is that when women are better at finance, they can communicate their plans clearly and grow their social capital, and eventually engage with essential connections that will get them access to funders and angels. Check here for an example of what this type of course entails. [not endorsed].

(Once you master finance, and with a bit of a track record, you can apply to be part of investment panels, and do women social entrepreneurs a great service! #changetheratio)

To put it differently, make a story out of your numbers, make numbers out of your story. This will be the most rewarding learning experience for you this year if you get on with it! Yes, financial literacy CAN be sexy.

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