Innovation Fund | Case-Study 2

Developing the capacity of Innovation Funds' grantees

CLIENT: Match International Women’s Fund (Private Foundation)
PERIOD 2014 -2015

The MATCH International Women’s Fund is Canada’s only social innovation fund for women, bridging feminist grassroots human rights movements and the world of social innovation around the world to make lasting changes in the lives of women and girls.

Ogunte was invited to design a pilot that would enable the community of Match International grantees to connect with resources and a wider network of women social innovators, as well as cultivate peer-to-peer support. Ogunte delivered the on-line version of the Make a Wave programme for their grantees, social entrepreneurs leading women’s rights organizations, and provided them with access to quality coaching and mentoring.

  • Develop grantees’ skills & competencies to manage, grow and scale their organisation.
  • Break grantees’ isolation and build a peer-to-peer network.

Crowdsourcing phase

Through a design thinking process, the group self reflected and articulated the main obstacles they were facing, key behaviours to change, and the organisational “must-haves”. The main data harvested during phase 1 formed the backbones of the group coaching sessions in phase 2.

User-centred group coaching webinars

The group participated in interactive sessions through accessible video-conferences specially designed to their needs. The participants were supported into co-designing tools and solutions to obstacles and prototype their alternatives with their own teams back home, in between sessions.

Participants had the opportunity to “report” on the private online forum and request help from peers. Each member was also individually followed and coached alongside the group.

A feedback tool allowed the organisers and coach to monitor change and insights in real time.


15 registered participants from 9 organisations took part in the programme. Over 5 months, Ogunte provided 6 webinars with participants based in 9 different countries and built a pool of resources and thinking questions for participants to use on their own and with their teams, during and after the programme.

Where the programme most impacted:

87% said “We have learned to think outside the box and find out where we can innovate”

The programme helped the participants reflect on their personal behaviour and encouraged them to think out of the box and prototype new ways to engage with their stakeholders, package their services simply and take concrete steps to measure their impact

“I am more knowledgeable on how to create a clear strategy for the organization as well as how to set aside time to go through available resources from participative leadership."

“Very innovative. It was my first time to learn through a webinar and it was very helpful... most especially the tailored questions the facilitator was asking."

"The programme will redesign you to be a leader who effectively and innovatively implements steps that are productive.” Programme Participants



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