How To Pick Up The Right People For Your Team

Or the value of keeping an open mind…


When you’ve discovered who your community activators are and who the people in your extended family are then it makes sense to think about recruit them as staff, board members, or an advisory group, to work more closely with you.

Not everybody will share your way of working, or your enthusiasm, or have the same space to help you succeed or support your organisation.

When you look for potential resources in your community, keep an OPEN MIND 

Make a networking map, make sure it is as specific as possible.

Colour code names if necessary. Within a few minutes, you’ll be able to narrow down a selection of ideal competent people to join your “office” team!

You can also pick up new ad-hoc “team members” when necessary from the pool of people in your network. Think about roles such as advisors, consultants, auditors, etc. (Or even members of your “Personal Boardroom, as Dr Zella King suggests….)

It is fair to say that we tend to feel comfortable in an environment of people that we like, or people who share a lot of what we are fighting for.

But some people who share different approaches or come from a different background can prove to be your best supporters. They challenge you most, they can make you feel a bit uncomfortable because they see things from a different place, different perspective. It is worth approaching people who have different political directions or different intellectual input, as long as they share your values and are ready to help you. 

TOP TIP: Do not recruit from that pool of mini-me’s!

Create your top tips list by answering the following questions:

  • How can you celebrate difference? And who can help you do that?
  • How comfortable are you with people who are very different?  
  • If you were brave enough to be pushed out of your comfort zone, who would you ask?
  • Who comes to mind now?

What about people who say no?

These people might have someone in mind to help you, and will be happy to make a connection.

Once I have my team, how can I bring them together? 

You need to be comfortable in telling your story and starting meaningful relationships to bring people on board.

Use a collaborative process:

  • Collaboration is about putting people in the same (virtual) room,
  • How will you do that? And for which purpose?
  • Will you do a webinar? A two-way conversation? A focus group? Will you invite stakeholders to join you at meetings, at conferences, at road shows?
  • Don’t underestimate articulating your story in a way that makes them want to stay and help you.

Share your questions or additional suggestions below!

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