How to Build Your Own Domestic Violence Case Without a Lawyer

“How To Build Your Own Domestic Violence Case Without A Lawyer”. The free, open source guide has been designed as an easy-to-understand tool to help women suffering abuse around the world to build a strong cases against their perpetrators when legal counsel is not available or affordable.


The guide has been put together by Chayn, a volunteer-run organization that empowers women against violence and oppression by leveraging technology to build platforms, tools, and how-to guides.

If you think your community would benefit from this publication, please feel free to modify, print, or upload the guide as you see fit (original credit is appreciated).  If you do end up using it, please let Chayn know so they can send you revisions of the next guide.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, and thank you for the important work your organization is doing to empower women!

Best wishes,

Elaine Goulding

@ChaynHQ | | #SpreadChayn

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