How to avoid self-sabotage?


Let’s talk about the behaviours you should avoid if you don’t want to sabotage your organisation… 

First of all, we rarely get up in the morning with the intention of ruining our organisation.

Most (Some?) of us get up with, “What’s on my to do list, what’s the content of the day”.

We rarely get up with the idea ”today I am going to work on these 3 or 4 relationships" or “today, I am going to work on my network.”

Think about what could happen if you did…?

What is likely to sabotage your organisation…

- not listening

- sweeping away the hunches

- not having the sense of where you are going

- not asking for help with specific, clear, measurable focus.

- not managing relationships in a meaningful way.

but most importantly:

- not giving space to people to help them help you! 

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