How Relevant Health Tech is a Life Line for Women

Do you know the impact menopause has on the world?

Can we really afford to push this issue under the carpet?

What are we really doing about it?

A great thing is to see the community of women focused on RELEVANT health tech. Personally, I am not keen to call it "Fem Tech" as I have seen it prevents some people to pay attention or even to invest in it... Importantly, these Health Tech ventures are growing and making waves. Some of them focus intelligently on menopause:

For instance, Maryon Stewart BEM, founder of Healthy, Wise and Well, helps women take control of their menopause through a natural approach;

1 Billion women through menopause  by 2025

Val McDonald, the founder of Happee Un Ltd, is working on a regular hormone home testing approach.

Happee Unltd

From new Zealand, we have the wonderful and straight forward Stacy T. Sims, PhD, Female Athlete Health and Performance Specialist, Entrepreneur, and Scientist.
She reminds us that "women are not small men". Through nutrition and every easy regular data capture, she helps you understand your body, and your nutritious needs, depending on your age, your morphology, your level of athletism, and other parametres.

Check her book ROAR, her site, and her Facebook page packed with tips.

Roar - Book Cover - Dr Stacy Sims

All these approaches have similar things in common:

They see women in a more positive light, offer pragmatic solutions, and they aim to stop negativity and embarrassment.

Why is it important?

If you fall in the age group, as you drive your social venture, underestimating the chaos that poor diagnostic and mismanagement of menopause cause, can lead to a massive disruption in your working life, your mental health, your love life. And you have a business to run, communities to support, family or significant others to care for.

Check these fabulous women out!

Servane Mouazan, CEO Ogunte CIC.

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