How can I be a great collaborator?


How to manage relationships and work collaboratively on a day-to-day basis…

  • Listen, observe
  • Articulate your story clearly
  • Have a clear roadmap: what is clear, what area needs support?
  • Tell your selected stakeholders group about a specific problem and give them the room to provide you with an answer. (Some organisations have an army of helpers, but never make the room to implement change. How comfortable are you to accept insights, challenges, tweak your business plan? Are you maximising the expertise that is given to you?
  • Be clear about the deliverables. Are you also doing your homework?
  • Be a coach. Make space to think. Introduce your team and stakeholders to a basic coaching tool, the Grow Model.

A previous participant on our “Make a Wave” incubator for Women Social Entrepreneurs, said: “I am afraid that having external supporters might divert my attention, or dilute our strategy” …

Sometimes getting help to work on the strategy is great, however you might need more help about wealth creation, or how to lobby or influence local authorities, for instance. Be specific about the help you need, you are more likely to make progress.

Be honest about not knowing what you don’t know.

When you fundraise, you are more likely to get attention from funders or investors if you can clearly state: “I need specific support to help me going from a to b”. This is the base of your collaboration with your funder.

Nb: If you are a volunteer, a mentor or an advisor to another organisation, the tips above are also valid.

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