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By Ingrid M - Founder of Women With Voices - www.IngridMarsh.com


Women With Voices is a SPEAKERS CLUB and an affordable public speaking programme for women.

Research has found that men feel more confident than women, which means, some women would be less likely to volunteer for public speaking opportunities even when we are more qualified.

Women with Voices are on a mission to build a global community of women who are rebuilding their self-confidence and using their voices to be more visible, more influential and gaining greater income parity with men.

“I was motivated to start Women With Voices after a personal experience. Conversely, unlike the research which proves that women are less confident than men, I was for the most part confident. That can come at a price too however, as in trying to silence me and strip me of my self-esteem, my ex-partner tried to take my son. 

I attribute this experience as the toughest time of my life and silence me, it did. My confidence was ripped apart and I hit an all time low. When I recovered nonetheless, with the help and advice from my spiritual coach I decided to come back louder than ever.”

“When you go through something life changing like that you want to do something that makes a difference - something bigger than yourself. After witnessing some pretty awesome women struggling in this sphere due to a lack of confidence,  I decided to use my skills in broadcasting and NLP to help them them rebuild their own self-confidence and to find and use their voices.

Empowering women to communicate and lead with confidence

“While women are often evaluated for what they are wearing also while public speaking, the clubs offer styling advice also from your hair to your hemlines. On the issue of why the clubs are women only, my view is that research has found that women become more empowered, feel more able to express themselves and most importantly, take more risks in women only groups. These are vital skills needed for learning public speaking as you need to take risks to build self-confidence, and you need self-confidence to be a successful communicator and leader.”

Ingrid hopes to have at least fifty Women with voices clubs across London by the summer, both in the evenings and at lunch times so busy mums can benefit too. Find out more on the Women With Voices website.

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