Generosity and reciprocity: the lights at the end of the tunnel

By Servane Mouazan, CEO, Ogunte 

In the nineties, I used to work in a multinational pharmaceutical company, in the marketing department. The first thing you saw when entering the building - which was lost in the industrial area of a thriving Dutch town - was the stocks and share price of the day.

Because she had heard of my love for activism and community engagement, my line manager, Manorma, understood that my journey would probably not end in a FTSE 100 company. She taught me that in the most adverse environments - or just a workplace that doesn’t fit with your values - you can justify your presence by asking questions, supporting others, listening and observing.

Your colleagues, your peers, might not speak the same language but they’ll respect you for your genuine efforts and your capacity to contribute.

In return you’ll be able to get a totally new perspective on the world.

This is how I see generosity and reciprocity.

The end of the tunnel vision.  A way to care.

We’ve created - where you can ‘pin’ your details and make yourself visible to women social entrepreneurs around the world. It’s a great way to show you care, to be generous and to be reciprocal. The chances are you’ll find women there who do speak your language!

If you haven’t joined yet, please do it now - take this opportunity to be part of a future building movement of women social entrepreneurs or #1MillionImpactWomen. 

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