Fundraising through storytelling: Be Human, Engage, Sell

Reputation and track record are key to fundraising and they go hand in hand with the benefits you give to your stakeholders.

This is why you should also think of leaving memorable traces for people to use and pass on your information when you are not next to them.

1. What rewards will you give donors?

  • When you are doing a crowdfunding/fundraising campaign, you have to think about rewards.
  • What about other types of fundraising, what types of “rewards”, “benefits” or “returns” do you give your funders?
  • What is your innovation about?
  • What is the trade off?
  • What expertise can you put forward that justifies you asking for higher amounts of money?

2. Prepare sentences to engage with people.

  • Look at various angles, stories, case-studies, testimonials of service users and or previous funders shared with you… about you!
  • Transform them into captions, tweets or short social media paragraphs ready to go, and, very importantly, tailored to specific audiences.
  • Be clear about your offer (one sentence, one specific topic/service you want funds for…)
  • You can build your story step by step, using the storyboard technique:

Click here to download the storyboard template in pdf.

3. Shoot a video. Have as much video material as you can

4. Share it with the world! (let us know when it is ready using #1MillionImpactWomen

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