Change your story of failure

Something happened this week where some difficult memories from the past were stirred up…

I did not realise how much, until I was talking to a friend about how I was feeling about things.

My own past experience had given me the insight needed to speak up on behalf of someone else, which I did. That also meant sharing my own sense of failure.

In the past I have been stuck in this feeling, based life choices on it only to become lost to myself.

But I have travelled a long way forward since then, to do what I do now to find solutions and share them with you.

When I reflect from a place of self-compassion, I see that every time I speak up for someone, I move beyond that sense of failure to create a circle of healing.

So, as someone who moves mountains, breathe into something that you have a sense of failure about this week.

Move beyond the story you have been telling yourself for years and step into a space of deep self-compassion.

When you do that, you tap into all of your creativity so that there are only solutions for yourself and the ones that you have the courage to create for others.

Post by Elaine France ImpactWomen Ambassador and CEO WomenWhoMoveMountains

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