Case-study - Visual Communicator

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Case-study - Visual Communicator


LB, a UK-based visual communicator, focused on purpose-led organisations, received professional development coaching to evaluate her career. She wanted to work with an objective person whose perspective and experience she admired and respected. Her ultimate goal was to be able to 'see' a path forward and help to plan and achieve goals.


  • For LB, a key turning point was when the coach saw potential in her idea to develop a better service.
  • She became happy (and confident) enough with the idea to develop complimentary products around it and look forward to promoting it.
  • The coaching helped her realise that she could find gems in the evaluation work she had done, the feedback she had sought among peers and acquaintances, some financial planning, some research into potential clients.
  • The coach helped her see how significant it was rather than dismissing the work done.
  • As a result, LB realised she wasn't as bad at planning as she thought, and that she just needed to pin the findings and insights down with time frames rather then allow them to float around.
  • LB uncovered the strengths in the things she is not that scared of doing; calling people, networking etc and she concluded she should maximise those and not take them for granted.
  • LB realised she has all the ingredients already for the career she wants.
It's all about making the recipe clear, representing myself as I would like to be seen and just trying stuff out. If in doubt do it - and learn from it.

Coaching's added value

  • The coach knew the Social Enterprise space. LB wanted the coach's perspective from within that world;
  • The coach confirmed LB's belief that she could have a decent living working with people she wanted to.
  • The coach brought in listening, encouragement and understanding in what LB does.
  • LB felt the coach genuinely saw the value in what she does and was joining the dots to opportunities which was really encouraging.
  • The coach also outlined what LB needed to do to make steps to make things happen.
LB's additional thoughts
You understood what I do and my hangups / issues immediately. You were able to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding and direct me down a genuinely helpful path to what is ultimately a clear idea of where I'm going & what it looks like. I'm working today on how I'm getting there with my first test. Progress!

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