Case-Study - International Development Professional

International development professional - Emergency Program Officer

Indian woman - pic by Luig Morante


The client wanted to explore her potential professional transition and work performance.


The coaching client developed understanding in her physical and emotional reactions; she learned to create and use positive emotional  anchors and to improve her decision-making process related to her transition project.

Coaching's main outcomes in the client’s own words:

  • I understood how issues encountered in work life come across in my personal life as well, and vice-versa.
  • I am now able to work on being better at controlling my reactions. It's sort of liberating.
  • I feel I now have a different vocabulary to talk about it with myself and my partner.
  • I have made a great discovery on my core values in life and how they guide me and my happiness - being able to speak them out loud, define them, test them and continue to try them on and see how they fits, to be sure they remain in line with who I truly am, feels exciting.

Three major contributions by the coach, in the client's own words:

  • The coach was kind, generous with high-fives and patience, and creating that space for talking about things.
  • She was daring to share some of her experience, give compliments, and provide spot light on patterns I wasn't fully aware were there.
  • She was systematic about approaching issues and provide further guidance material.

Client’s additional thoughts:

It’s 6 rounds of thinking boosters and the coaching sessions may start in one place and end in another - than what you had expected - but that's okay, because that could very well mean it's working. It felt full of heart-warmth and genuine interest in me, as the topic of coaching.

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