Business Model Canvas, Business Model You!


During the Make a Wave Bootcamp in March, we all had a go at the Business Model Canvas.

Here’s a few benefits we found in doing this exercise:
- I can breakdown key activities
- I realised i was talking about different businesses before i did the canvas. I want to simplify this.
- I have identified gaps.
- I come from a charity background so i really had to put my business hat on, to fill the “revenue” block.
- I come from a commercial background where we charge for everything, so i had to think about the social impact, the wider value my service would bring about and how it could benefit people who won’t be paying for the service.
- I had the purpose and the principles but what i would actually “do” (product or service”) to actually serve this purpose, was unclear. So i got to think about what i really enjoyed doing. 
- My original model was to service women from a refugee or migrant backgrounds, who are often qualified in their countries of origin, but whose qualifications aren’t recognised in the UK. They often end up as cleaners. I want to help them finding the right information and the right resources. The business model canvass actually helped me look at the issue from a different perspective. I could educate all agencies or employment charities about what is possible, create an information pack, training, workshops, that they in turn could offer their beneficiaries This was i can make a bigger impact and there is an enterprise model.
- I was told: “If you were to be given the keys to your new business and start this monday at 9am, what would you actually be doing then, that you could sell at the end of the day?”
Business Model YOU!
So you may have had a crack at the (Social) business model canvas, but have you actually thought about yourself and the value you are bringing about? 

Are you starting a new venture, just fresh out of corporate life, or have you just been made redundant? 
What does this transition mean to you and how can you make the best of it and not burning out before having even started?
To do so, have a go at the Business Model You… just to clarify a few things… Business Model You is a one-page method to reinvent your career.

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