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Business advisors & supporters, and enterprise programmes leaders share the outcomes of their coaching and training sessions with Ogunte.


"Servane helped me to better understand my target market, set goals for my business, and sign-post me to other relevant individuals or services were appropriate. I have always appreciated the way she has challenged my perceptions about my business or about myself as a business owner. Through our relationship, I have launched new products and services, I have achieved more than I imagined possible as a one-woman organisation, and I have been able to build a business which is well on its way to being sustainable. I will always consider the help that Servane gave me to be instrumental in my success."

Danielle Anderson - Step & Stone LTD - Social Startups Coach

"Servane provided me with coaching and business support and the specific outcomes have been:

  • Developed my business model, I’m now in year 3 of running my business and due to the support provided I’ve diversified my income streams and have a much more sustainable model from which to grow the business. This has been developed through one-to-one coaching sessions, group activity and access to the webinars that Servane has developed.
  • Grown my network, Servane has helped me with some early confidence issues. My growth in confidence had helped me influence people across sectors and gain support for my venture. I have a much more supportive network now and a greater profile in the sector. This has resulted in an increase in the sales.
  • Personal development, Servane has helped me cope better with change, growth and challenges through her coaching and mentoring skills. I feel more resilient as a result and better able to grow the business."

Jo McGrath - CEO and Business Advisor to Women Social Entrepreneurs - Enterprise Stuff Ltd

“The Business Advisors commented positively on the innovative style of your training and the many techniques that facilitated thinking in a different way".

ACBBA. Association of Community Based Business Advisors. “Presence and Communications Coaching”

"Learning from Ogunte reports on women not paying themselves enough in Social Enterprise, as well as us wanting to check we're working with women who need support most, we've analysed our data showing that 92% of this years cohort of mentees earn less than £20k and 46% earn less than £10k sobering stats! Although many are at start-up stage this is alarming. We'll be checking in with last year's cohort to see to what extent their income and economic independence has increased."

Pop-Up Spa and Retreat

"Servane took me through a simple, but elegant process to help me deal with some branding challenges we were facing at Preseli. While the questions themselves were insightful, the results I achieved on my own were poor compared to the rich insights that Servane enabled me to find through her caring, empathetic and supportive coaching style. Servane's reputation led me to have confidence in her abilities, but finally working with her helped me to understand the depth of appreciation her clients have for her.
In short, Servane's insight, honesty and very human approach to business helps the kind of business that matters to thrive."

Andrew Tilling - CEO Preseli Partnership and Training Designer

"Servane has been a key supporter for Change Agents UK's Women in Social and Environmental Enterprise project (WiSEE), acting as an advisor, expert panelist and also speaker at the WiSEE bootcamp for women starting social enterprises. Servane contributed her expertise, experience and professionalism to the project reflected in her delivery of an inspiring and relevant workshop at the Bootcamp, which scored highly with our delegates. Her generosity and passion for her work is clear, bringing great value to WiSEE and its participants."

Jasmine Kubski – Change Agents UK - International Sustainability Projects Manager

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