Ajaita Shah, Environmental and Social Entrepreneur in India


Ajaitah Shah is Co-Founder and CEO of FrontierMarkets.

“I spent many years working in rural India and living in darkness, witnessing kerosene fires and lives lost, I promised myself to come up with a solution that would be lasting. I was angry and hurt by the way people were living, and I knew there was a more pragmatic and effective solution. I wanted to be a part of the solution and ensure that I could make things better. I want to be the reason that rural India has access to energy. I want every Indian household to be alleviated of basic energy worries and be a part of the larger global image of social change. I want people to believe that women can be the lasting vehicle for positive change. I want to have reached at least 10 million households in the world. I want to be known as the girl that inspired other young girls to think outside of the box, take a chance, and change the world forever.”

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Connect to Ajaita on twitter @Ajaita_Shah & @Frontiermkts

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