5 Things to Check Before You Buy Support


The Ogunte team has connected innovators with top leading companies and major campaigners in more than 20 countries and influenced hundreds of networks globally, to contribute to positive social change.

Buying or investing time in a support programme that will accelerate your campaign or social enterprise should be done carefully. You want to maximise your learning. The Ogunte team has compiled this check-list below. Use it to manage your expectations, or when you have to make a choice among several learning organisations.

1. Learning Material:
- Is the training organisation using exciting learning material (diverse media, face-to-face and remote sessions through video/teleconference or on virtual worlds, audio-visual material, or do they use text based handouts only?)
- Will you have access to a set of relevant resources and toolkit on-line to support your learning?
- Will you be trained with off-the-shelf material or will you be coached to learn more effectively?

2. Learning Journey:
- Does the organisation provide a set of development services (events, trainings, lectures, media, networks, promotion, in-house networking with former alumni, tips, co-mentoring, etc…?)
- Do you have the opportunity to feedback on your progress, share your knowledge and potentially join the facilitators’ or professional team?

3. Common Purpose:
- Does the organisation really understand what you want to achieve? Do they help you formulate your objectives clearly?

4. Networking:
- Will you be connected to other like-minded people?
- Does the organisation refer you promptly to another agency/contact if then cannot provide the appropriate support?

5. Ethos and Values:
- Would you be happy to be associated with this organisation or the facilitation team in the short and long term?

At Ogunte we support training and networking organisations that focu on womensocial entrepreneurs. Connect to get more information!

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