3 Practical Pitching Tips


This is a practical factsheet to help you go through your pitching rehearsal.

With thanks to Jo McGrath from Enterprise Stuff Ltd, our Make a Wave Incubator Connector in Manchester, UK!

1- You do not need to say everything in a pitch

You do not need to tell your entire history – just some key bits that will grab their attention and gain empathy…

  • Do you know who your audience is? 
  • Choose what is appropriate to the audience
  • Choose what is relevant to your ask
  • Say just enough that they can ask questions for more information
  • And have a pack of answers ready to the questions
  • Know your numbers

2. Select 3 Key Points

Keep to 3 key points with up to 3 sub-points if you can

For instance:

Key 1:  What you want

  • What you will use it for
  • The difference it will make
  • Why you need it now

Key 2:  What social impact you will deliver with it

  • Give details of any historical delivery
  • Explain your future delivery

Key 3: Why your organisation is uniquely positioned to achieve this

  • Successes
  • Experience
  • Passion

3. Practice!

  • Run through your pitch without interruption to check time
  • Be kind to the listener(s)… Be explicit, they can’t guess what you don’t say!
  • Ask yourself “So What?” 
  • If you were part of the panel, ask yourself: “How does this point help me understand why I should give this person what they are asking for?”
  • Never go beyond your allocated time
  • Make notes of the questions, great phrases, mantras! What you think could be left out.
  • Swap places

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